Monday, March 10, 2008

No rest for the wicked

This week is Spring Break for CSCA! Phew! Can't believe that we're already halfway through the course. Had our second Food Basics quiz last Tuesday. Again, due to my working schedule, I didn't get much time to study except for a few hours on Monday before the quiz. I think I did pretty well. Well, the Baking quiz will be held the first day we get back from spring break. Yeah, welcome back!

So, let's see what happened last week. It was brioche for Baking and lamb for FB. Brioche is kind of interesting, considering that it is a cake-like dough that needs an overnight rise. I was never a big fan of lamb but the dishes we cooked were not bad at all.

On another note, the Malaysian elections were held last week and surprise, surprise, BN got bloodied pretty badly. Penang fell to the DAP, considering that the Chinese majority there were pretty unsatisfied with the current leadership. Seriously, I think the non-UMNO coalition parties in BN pretty much kowtow to the Malay leadership instead of sticking up for their own party's principles and be an effective representative for their constituents. Gerakan lost badly in Penang, their once-impenetrable stronghold and the MCA and MIC have pretty much become redundant. With DAP fielding some new faces, the hope is that a new generation of leaders can emerge from this success and be a new voice and replace the ineffective old guard.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Time sure flies.....

Well, it's been another 2 weeks again since my last post. Since then, we've had "Dry Heat Cooking" and "Pork" for Food Basics and lean and rich breads for Baking. Above are the photos of the dishes. From the top: braised pork loin served on Spatzle, pane alla salvia (lean bread), rasberry streusel with rasberry and sweet cream cheese filling (rich bread), spinach salad with deep fried blue cheese and finally, a pineapple upside down cake.

Also, got an email from the NRA, no not the National Rifle Association but the restaurant association, informing me that I passed the ServSafe exam with 91% score. Oh and I also scored 90% on my Baking quiz and 86.5% on my Food Basics quiz.

Speaking of which, there is another Food Basics quiz next week on Chicken, Moist and Dry Heat Cooking and Pork. Gotta get started on studying for it. Hopefully today before I leave for work. Speaking of work, it's been good. Things are moving ahead on the Fish Bones extension and construction starts next week. Hopefully, I can land a bigger role in the restaurant in the next month or 2. Also, I had to reject the Fenway Park job offer because of the low wages. It doesn't make sense for me to drive or take the T down to Fenway for a $9.75 an hour job. The cost would be prohibitive.