Saturday, February 16, 2008

New updates

Above, you can see pictures for the swath of danish and croissants that were baked in Baking class this week. Also, in Food Basics, it was moist heat cooking and we did a green bean salad and braised beef shanks.

It has been a pretty intense week. First, we had a Baking quiz on Monday, followed by the sanitation (ServSafe) certification exam on Weds. In between I had to work (11 hours on Sunday and six on Tuesday) and there was a horrible snow storm on Tuesday night, which had my car swishing from side to side going down Mass Ave after class at midnight. I also sent my resume to Fenway and Caesars Palace. Fenway (yes, the BoSox Fenway) is looking for a bunch of cooks for the upcoming baseball season to work in the various restaurants within the ballpark. I was surprised, when I received a call from a guy named Nookie (sp?) just under an hour after I sent my resume to them. To cut a long story short, we arranged to meet at Fenway (Yawkey Way Gate D) on Tuesday at 2pm. I'll probably park my car at the Porter Square T station and take the T into Fenway. Then attend class at 4:30pm. Oh, and the Baking class has been moved to Thursday for this week.

Also, the Caesars Palace one is quite interesting. It is a Culinary Management Apprenticeship with Caesars Palace. It's kind of a management trainee program that runs for 10-12 months in Vegas. Sent my resume plus a cover letter to the contact person there. Hoping to hear back as it is a huge opportunity for anyone chosen for it.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

It's been 2 weeks.......

From top: Corn timbales (made in the poultry class), savory palmiers (with capers and olives), strawberry shortcake (yummy!), shrimp bisque and finally, a pear tart.

Well, it's been almost 2 weeks since my last post. So many things have happened since then.

First of all, I landed a job at a seafood restaurant in Chelmsford called Fish Bones. Todd, the chef there had an ad in the local publication that I answered. Although I had no experience working in a restaurant, I guess he sees the potential in me and wanted me to start right away. He actually had me brunoise an onion for him to see how my knife skills are. Anyway, my first day was on Sunday (2/3), Superbowl day. Went in at 9am and worked till 3pm, saute-ing some onions and peppers and had me watch him prepare some dishes during lunch service. Came home and went over to the Griffins for their Superbowl party. It's just heartbreaking to see the Patriots lose but you know, life goes on. Went to work again yesterday, Tuesday (2/5) and I did a lot of prep work, cutting up cabbages for coleslaw and cutting up squash, peppers, onions and tomatoes and marinating them in garlic butter for use in grilled vegetable. Also wrapped up a bunch of scallops with bacon. Had fish and chips for lunch...good stuff. Then I left for class, preparing to face my first Food Basics quiz.

Speaking of culinary class, last week was long because we had to replace a Baking class that was postponed due to the snow day we had a few weeks ago. So it was a 4-day class week for me last week. In Baking, we did puff pastry and pate brisee. Food Basics class last week was "Stocks and Soups" and I made a shrimp bisque.

Oh yeah, I also went for an interview with the Holiday Inn hotel in Boxborough. Met the chef there but didn't really like the concept of preparing dishes for buffets. Also, at Fish Bones, my work hours could be flexible, coordinating my hours with Su-Ann's. And I would probably learn more there too. Todd is really pushing to teach me fast because he need someone at the line, helping him cook.

Also, next week, I have a quiz for Baking and the certification test for ServSafe.
I'll try to get some photos up soon. I'm just too tired today.

Later....oh and Happy Chinese New Year! This is the year of the rat. Gotta call home later tonight to wish everyone.