Friday, January 18, 2008

The Week That Was.......

Well, it's been a week since my last post. Let's see, last Friday, we had our first Baking class and met Chef Lisa for the first time. She's pretty good and very friendly to boot. This first class was all about fruits and I was assigned to cook the blueberry cobbler. It was a pretty easy recipe to follow, with no cutting involved, just have to find the right ingredients, make the batter and cook it in a pan. I was also the first to finish. I wished I had chosen a more complicated recipe....oh well, next time I guess.

Anyway, the next week, on Monday, snow fell like crazy (a nor'easter), dropping 10 inches in Groton and unfortunately, the Baking class scheduled that day was postponed. Snow day! Yippee! The class would be replaced some time this month. The next day is the regular Food Basics class and the topic for this week was Eggs. Worked on the recipe for poached eggs and grilled asparagus on a mayonnaise sauce. Again, nothing too fancy. I really need to choose a better and more complicated recipe next time. The class ended at around 12:35am and only got to bed at about 2am. I was dead tired from all the standing and cooking. The Weds. seminar for this week was "Tasting and Garnishing," a light topic but still interesting nonetheless. Totally agree with Chef Stephan's take on how to present a dish. the seminar ended early--very early, in fact--at around 7:45pm. Got home before 9pm. Niiiiiceeee!

Also wrote emails to several restaurants/caterers looking for help. Got them from the CSCA website. No replies yet but I'm working closely with Jennifer, who is in charge of student placement at CSCA, to land a position soon. Did get one reply from a caterer in Melrose but unfortunately the position has been filled. Anyway, she has my info on file for when any new positions open up.

Anyway, the pictures of the blueberry cobbler and the poached eggs can be seen above.

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